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MICE Software developers have extensive experience in programming for MacOS X (Cocoa), Win32 (also Windows CE), and BeOS. Is your project bogged down? Are you at an impasse? Let us help you out of a rut! Or let our talented staff build the project for you! No job too big or too small. Contact us today for developer availability and our extremely competitive rates.

Do you need bespoke software development? MICE Software can offer you extensive experience on a number of platforms, techniques and technologies!

  • Driver development
    Need a Mac OS X driver for your new hardware product? Reach a larger userbase by supporting more platforms.
  • Component development
    Need a component to act as part of your larger product? Leverage our experience of specific technologies in your project? We can provide solutions using a number of techniques on a number of platforms
    • Frameworks on Mac OS X
    • DLLs and COM objects on Windows and Windows CE
    • DLLs on BeOS and Linux
  • Application development
    If you need an entire application developed, look no further. Our team encompasses a wide range of knowledge and will be able to quickly and effectively produce systems to meet your needs and expectations
We have extensive experience of C++, Objective C, C#, Delphi (and Object Pascal), Java, various scripting languages including PHP and Perl, and can quickly tailor our skills to match your needs. Platform to which our knowledge extends include Windows, Windows CE (including Windows Mobile 5), Linux, BeOS and Mac OS X. Whatever you need, consider our services. E-mail today for more information, using the form!
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