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Cellphone SMS/Phonebook ActiveX component

WAMPLE is an ActiveX control to allow programs to connect to a cellphone, and via a simple programming interface, send and receive SMS messages, edit the device phone book and get device information, such as battery charge, signal status and manufacturer/model/etc. The control works in several languages, including Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other such ActiveX-capable development systems. 3 examples written in Visual Basic are also included in the archive (binaries included). Please note that you must supply your own cellular device, and any software/hardware for connecting it to your computer.

License: Shareware (please see supplied documentation for limitations)
Cost: $20 - Order online
Support: Online support, Email
Requirements: cellular device with compatible modem, ActiveX compatible development environment (e.g. Visual Basic)
Operating system: Windows 95 (and above)

Download - Version 1.04
ZIP file
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