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zoomVNC zoomVNC Released!
New PocketPC VNC client

MICE Software today released zoomVNC, a new VNC client for the PocketPC. With many time-saving features and powerful options, it is a powerful application that any user needing to remotely access will want to use!
iRC iRC Beta 12
Another iRC update!

This update includes a new ban list editor, along with various tweaks and updates.
iRC iRC Beta 11
iRC Beta 11 released

After tracking down a tricky bug and tweaking many parts of iRC, a new release is available, complete with new options.
WAMPLE cellphone ActiveX control update

WAMPLE has been updated, to include support for 8-bit and Unicode messages along with 7-bit messages, as well as bugfixes and tweaks to make it work with more phones.
iRC iRC Beta 10
iRC Beta 10 released

After some problems with the AppleScript support, Beta 10 of iRC has been released, featuring bugfixes and tweaks, AppleScript support and more.
iRC New iRC update
iRC updated to beta 9

A new release of iRC is available, including various tweaks and bugfixes along with transparency, more view options and an experimental AppleScript suite. To follow shortly is an experimental AppleScript plugin which will allow the user to write scripts which respond to IRC events.
iRC iRC Beta 8 released
With new tabbed view mode

iRC beta 8 has been released, featuring sound support, tab view, and several new features and fixes.
ActiveIRC ActiveIRC 1.11 released
Bug fixes and new events

ActiveIRC 1.11 is released, with several bug fixes, as well as new events to allow you to more easily detect channel information.
iRC iRC Beta 7 released
Including new icons

iRC Beta 7 has been released, with more fixes, more options and new graphics for the channel list and smiley faces plugin.
iRC iRC Beta 5 released
Featuring several new features

iRC Beta 5 has been released, with several fixes, including a new icon, toolbars, resizable, double-clickable connect window, wrapping input line, better scrolling control and more!
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